Like the Pumpkins  is an artist book, in an edition of 52 copies, letterpress printed on handmade cotton paper.
  A-flight  is an accordion fold artist book, in an edition six copies, with six additional artist proofs. The edition features the black covers and the artist proofs, the tan covers.
  Light and Body  is a diptych of photographs by SK Murphy. The photographs are in an edition of three. The images are meant to consider the dynamics of body and spirit, flesh and light
  First Body(ies)  is a digital book about the creation of a broadside using locally produced/gathered materials from central Minnesota. The book and print are a collaboration between SK Murphy and Sienna D Kuhn. Click  here  for a PDF version of the book.
  Confessions of a Fugitive  is an artist book, in an edition of 36 copies, that was printed in collaboration with the historian and philosopher Calvin Luther Martin.
  Ectum  is a limited edition work, in an edition of 67, which was produced for the  Art-o-mat .
  Alien Images  is an artist book, in an edition of 65 copies, which was printed digitally.
  Left Behind Art  consists of two large series of small images, which are meant to be left out in the world as gifts, for passersby to find.
  VOID  is a "do-si-do" book, which allows you to start the book from either side. A brown cover and green cover, differentiate the sides.
  Haiku-marks  (and  Tanka-marks ) are a series of three small broadside-bookmarks, each in an edition 21, featuring the haiku/tanka of three poets, printed letterpress on handmade cotton paper. Copies available ($10/print).
  Shed Relics  series. Four Collotype prints of bark on Arches 88 paper. The edition of five is sold out.