Above  is a thirty-five foot by ten foot composite image by SK Murphy.
  Below  is a series of twenty-one abstract images by SK Murphy of lights captured in Carlsbad Caverns.
  Light and Body  is a diptych of photographs by SK Murphy. The photographs are in an edition of three. The images are meant to consider the dynamics of body and spirit, flesh and light
 A detail of the ash image, printed on the flax paper.
Shed Relics
Of Fibre & Light
  Not Unaware  is an artist book, in an edition of 72 copies, letterpress printed on handmade cotton paper. 
  Like the Pumpkins  is an artist book, in an edition of 52 copies, letterpress printed on handmade cotton paper.
  A-flight  is an accordion fold artist book, in an edition six copies, with six additional artist proofs. The edition features the black covers and the artist proofs, the tan covers.
  Confessions of a Fugitive  is an artist book, in an edition of 36 copies, that was printed in collaboration with the historian and philosopher Calvin Luther Martin.
  VOID  is a "do-si-do" book, which allows you to start the book from either side. A brown cover and green cover, differentiate the sides.
The Alchemist: Prologue
  Left Behind Art  consists of two large series of small images, which are meant to be left out in the world as gifts, for passersby to find.
Left Behind Art Series I
Left Behind Art Series II
  Haiku-Marks  (and  Tanka-Marks ) are an on-going series of small broadside-bookmarks. Intended as bookmarks, they are also suitable for framing.
  A Herbal  is a collaborative print with Rachel Melis featuring the poetry of Seamus Heaney. It is letterpress on handmade paper. Artist Proofs available ($30).
 Each letterpress printed box includes a folio with a letterpress printed miniature broadside on handmade cotton paper.
  Alien Images  is an artist book, in an edition of 60 copies, which was printed digitally. A free pdf version is available, please inquire.
From the Archives of IPPS - Robbinsville